Kathleen A. Kramer

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Kathleen A. Kramer, PhD

Nominated by the IEEE Board of Directors

University of San Diego
San Diego, California, USA

Kathleen A. Kramer is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of San Diego. She has also been a Member of Technical Staff at several companies, including ViaSat, HP, and Bell Communications Research. She worked to develop new engineering programs as a founding member of the University of San Diego engineering faculty, eventually became the chair of electrical engineering, and then serving as Director of Engineering (2004-2013), providing academic leadership for all of the university’s engineering programs. She maintains an active research agenda in the areas of multisensor data fusion, navigation, and cyber security in aerospace systems. Author/co-author numerous publications, she is a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE AESS and leads its technical panel on Cyber Security. She received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering with a second major in physics from Loyola Marymount University, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

I offer transformational leadership for a better IEEE. I approach the responsibilities of this role with respect for the challenges, and an awareness of the opportunity the President-Elect is entrusted with to transform IEEE. I have proven myself to be a collaborative leader in every leadership position I’ve held. My most significant accomplishments have stemmed from sincerely valuing and including different interests and perspectives, and teaming towards strategic goals that allow the whole to become greater than the sum of the parts. If elected, I will continue to see one IEEE whose commitment to technical excellence and expertise provides the inspiration and engagement based in its people and their technical activities. I am grateful for each of my roles in the IEEE – as each has brought with it the opportunity to partner across the IEEE while working with inspirational and effective leaders and volunteers, contributing together to advance technology.  I commit to these five priorities:

  • Inspire and engage the next generation of IEEE, especially WIE (Women in Engineering), Young Professionals, and Students
  • Include our global and diverse membership, effectively and equitably, to better advance technology
  • Collaborate as a community on our transformational public imperatives- education, policy, history, community, and humanitarian technologies.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the IEEE while honoring our obligations to the membership.
  • Empower the success of our technical communities, global and local, to share and foster technical knowledge and enhance our professional lives

Kathleen A. Kramer brings to the position of President-Elect a well-earned understanding of our members and our global and diverse organization. She has made high-level leadership contributions to advance the mission of IEEE across a wide spectrum of IEEE activities and technical communities. She has been an active leader at the board level, as IEEE Secretary and Region 6 Director. She has led in Technical Activities as Vice President and member of Board of Governors of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and within and for our communities including Women in Engineering, Young Professionals, and Student Activities.  Some recent highlights:

  • As IEEE Secretary and Director (2019-2021), she chaired the IEEE Governance Committee and helped champion multiple time-critical initiatives, including major changes related to ethics and member conduct, diversity and inclusion, information transparency, and projects with each of the major boards.
  • As Director of IEEE Region 6 (2017-2018), led the largest USA region, professional home to the greatest portion of industry members. Leadership focus within the region on engaging and reforming for the success for the next generation of members, partnering to advance Student Activities, Young Professionals and Women in Engineering. Championed collaborations across regions, contributing Public Visibility as a signature major initiative.
  • As a leader within the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, served as Vice President of Education (2016-2018), Board of Governors (2013-2018, 2020-2022), Chair of the Cyber Security Technical Operations Panel (2017-2022) and Conference Chair for the IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference (2017).
  • As IEEE Commissioner to the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (2014-2019, 2019-2022), successfully advanced university engineering and computing education globally, with advances in criteria for cyber security, mechatronics and robotics, and the incorporation of diversity and inclusion.
  • TAB/PSPB Product and Services Committee (2022), IEEE-USA Government Relations Council (2019-2020), IEEE San Diego Section Executive Committee

Kathleen Kramer is a Full Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of San Diego. A founding member of the engineering faculty at USD, she rose through the ranks, eventually providing academic leadership for all of the university’s engineering programs as Director of Engineering (2004-2013), culminating in the founding of USD’s Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering.  She started as an Assistant Professor immediately after completing her graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology.  At the time, she was the only female tenure-track faculty member in IEEE fields of interest among the then-three San Diego universities.  Meaningful collaboration between industry and academia has been an empowering priority throughout her professional life.  This priority is one she shares with her technical homes, including several IEEE societies, and her professional collaborators. While pursuing her graduate degrees, she completed two turns as a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Communications Research (Morristown, NJ, USA). Her post-graduate industry experience includes work as member of technical staff at ViaSat, Inc. (Carlsbad, CA, USA , on systems and signal processing algorithms related to satellite communications, at Hewlett Packard (San Diego) on data compression, and at Northern Telecom (San Diego).

Fellow, ABET – For advances to engineering and computing accreditation criteria, including mechatronics and robotics, integration of diversity equity and inclusion, graduate programs, and cybersecurity. (2022)  – These directly impact university-level studies in 41 countries, and advanced education across these technical fields of interest.

Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society. Author/co-author of over 100 publications, with publications in the areas of multisensor data fusion, evidence accrual, and neural and fuzzy systems.

  • A. Kramer, W.P. Walsh and E. Theunissen (Editors), IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine [Special Issue on Cyber Security in Aerospace], vol. 32, no. 11, November 2017.
  • Sabatini, K.A. Kramer, E. Blasch, A. Roy and G. Fasano (Editors), IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine [Special Issue on Avionics Systems: Future Challenges], vol. 36, no. 4, April 2021

Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation project (no. 0948070) to Connect Veterans into undergraduate degrees in engineering.  One of first four institutional awardees for Post-9/11 GI Bill overhauling the educational benefits available to military veterans. (2009-2011)

Distinguished Engineering Educator (1994); Educator of the Year (2003), San Diego Engineering Council

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