IEEE President-Elect Candidate Campaign Pilot Program

The IEEE President is elected annually by the voting members. Following the term of one year as President-elect, the holder of that office shall serve as President in the subsequent year and shall serve as Past President in the year subsequent thereto. The IEEE President shall be ineligible to serve a second full term in that office.

Building on the work of the 2021 IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Election Practices and Oversight, the 2022 IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on IEEE President-Elect Campaign Pilot Program is chartered with managing and overseeing the IEEE President-Elect Candidate Campaign Pilot Program for the 2022 and 2023 IEEE Annual Election cycles for IEEE President-Elect for the terms 2023 and 2024, as recommended by the IEEE Board of Directors.

The committee will be responsible for the management of the pilot which will inform members about the candidates, coordinate electioneering activities, provided resources that the candidates can use to promote their candidacy, as well as inform members about the petition process and petitions available for signatures. The committee will make recommendations to the IEEE Board of Directors based on the pilot’s activities.

The expectation is that the work of the 2022 committee will continue into 2023 to cover the 2023 IEEE Annual Election cycle for IEEE President-Elect for the 2024 term.

The IEEE Election Oversight Committee (EOC) will continue to oversee election campaign complaints and violations, as well as review the candidate’s biographical material.

Balloting starts on 15 August 2022. Be sure to review and update your contact information and election communication preferences by 30 June 2022.